NEW Official 21 Day Fix Vegan Food List!

I'm so excited to announce that Beachbody has released a brand new Vegan 21 Day Fix Meal Plan for Beachbody Club members, including new modifications and a new food list.  I can't wait to try it out!  If you have a Club membership, just log in and go to Beachbody On Demand.  In your member library, just click on the 21 Day Fix, then to the right of the workout listing you'll see your plan materials.

For a FREE 30 day trial of the Club and Beachbody On Demand, where you have access to hundreds of free streaming Beachbody workouts like TurboFire, Insanity P90X, free sneak peeks of new programs, and more, just click here, or ask YOUR coach to hook you up!

Here are some details about the new vegan plan!  (Contact your coach or myself to get access to the full plan.)
From Autumn:  The 21 Day Fix Vegan Eating Plan removes all animal products from the food lists—and we’ve made some big changes to the red and yellow containers. Red containers are still home to complete proteins, but now they also house beans and other legumes. Yellow has been split into two groups. Yellow A contains whole grains. Yellow B contains tubers and more processed grains (pastas and breads).

• The 21 Day Fix Vegan Eating Plan is slightly lower in protein and higher in carbs than the regular 21 Day Fix Eating Plan, but that’s okay. It’s equally as healthy and the extra fiber will still give you a weight-loss advantage.
• As healthy as they can be, vegan diets can be low in vitamins B12 and D, so it’s important to take a quality multivitamin such as ActiVit®.  [Note from Amanda:  Nearly ALL people are deficient in one or both of these, so I totally recommend supplementation, especially if you tend to feel sluggish at times - it makes a huge difference!  I love Garden of Life Raw D3 and Garden of Life Organic B-12 Spray - both available on Amazon.]
• Ideally, it’s preferable to get most or all of your yellow portions from Yellow A. Yellow B is there because people generally love bread, so we didn’t want to completely deprive you. Just remember that if you skip a Yellow B, make up for it by eating a Yellow A.

I created this list to help you plan out your meals and it's printable as well.  Enjoy!

NOTE:  This container list is compatible with the NEW vegan eating plan - not the one in the 21 Day Fix guide you already have.  If you have questions on how to get the new plan, and how it works, etc - just reach out to me on Facebook!