What do you eat? My vegan day.

I have had many people ask me about this since I talked about going plant-based, so I wanted to share what I typically eat in a day.  I have found the lifestyle to be really easy to follow, and I am never hungry.  Overall, if it comes from a plant, I eat it!

Every Day Guidelines

  • I try to eat at least one raw meal per day, meaning, I don't cook my food.  This is to ensure that I am getting the maximum amount of nutrients from all sources.
  • I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full.  I pay very close attention to my hunger cues and signals that I am done eating.
  • I eat very few processed foods.  This helps me avoid refined sugars and bad oils.
  • I drink water throughout the day.
  • I limit the amount of "fake meat" and soy products.  They are highly processed, and too much soy can interfere with hormone levels.  I do occasionally eat tempeh, which is fermented soy and healthier than tofu, etc.

My Typical Day of Food

First Thing

I drink at least 16 oz of water with lemon, sometimes with cinnamon added (I am not ready for cayenne yet) to aid my liver in detoxing.



One of the following:

  • Oatmeal made with almond and/or coconut milk and banana with a little pure maple syrup.
  • Fruit with some coconut meat.
  • Green smoothie - I do these a couple times a week but not every day because it can get pricey!  There are some great recipes on Oh She Glows.


My raw meal usually.  So I would have a big salad with some nuts or chickpeas, homemade dressing (some recipes on Pinterest) or Simply Dressed Lemon Vinaigrette if store bought.  Otherwise I'll have a small salad or veggies and hummus, with a side of soup or leftovers from the night before.



This is where I get to experiment because I haven't been vegan for long!  I have a lot of recipes in my guide from The Ultimate Reset that are of course vegan, so I do utilize those, but I also love checking out websites and trying new dishes.

Faves from the Reset:

  • Roasted Root Medley
  • Veggie Stir Fry
  • Quinoa Salad
  • Pinto Beans (with taco fixins)


Websites for recipes:


If I am not feeling like cooking from a recipe or I don't have everything I need for it, I will just come up with something on the fly.  It's pretty easy because any veggie based side you typically make can be used as a main dish, or make a couple sides and call it dinner!  I've done things like a stir fry using whatever I have on hand, dumping that on some quinoa, or the other night I made a bag of frozen Alexia sautee baby red potatoes and dumped that over some steamed broccoli.  Really, if it sounds good together, it probably is!  You don't need a fancy recipe or a bunch of exotic ingredients.  If you have some frozen veggies and rice and some Braggs aminos and sesame oil, you have a dish!  You can also do beans and rice - just season them up well, or there are convenience foods like quinoa burgers, etc. in your grocer's freezer section.  Brown rice pasta is also a hit here - add a jar of marinara (read your labels and find a good one) and you're done.  Or keep it super simple and make a wrap (I use gluten free ones) out of veggies and hummus and a little avocado.  Overall, I find this way of eating more convenient because there is no meat to thaw and prepare, and no slaving over the stove unless you want to!  The possibilities are endless.


I tend to nibble on veggies and fruits mainly, sometimes nuts or seeds.  Hummus is a great thing to eat with veggies or rice crackers.  You can also do some kind of nut butter with a rice cake or gluten free bread or an apple.  Avocado is great smashed onto things like crackers with a little salt - or use homemade guac!  Steer clear of junk of course - just because it's vegan (I'm looking at you, Oreos) doesn't mean it's healthy!  If you need a little something sweet, make a smoothie, or use this great recipe for Peanut Butter Balls - yum (you can use any nut/seed butter)!!

Hopefully this helps you see what I eat in a day, and maybe prompt you to try a couple vegan days each week!  Your body will thank you, and you'll probably find some new things you like that you can add to your regular menu!